Our Areas of Expertise

Advisor Moves™ offer several different areas of service:

  • Executive level placement services with more than sixty firms for individuals or teams who are seeking a new direction for their practice or firm.
  • Executive level consultation, screening or assessments and practice development for those advisors.
  • Consulting projects to develop new organizational directions and structures to meet the markets in 2022 and beyond.

Our key roles are facilitating your due diligence and introducing you to strategic partners who meet your specific requirements and assisting you as you transition.

Current Opportunities 1099 & W2

Ongoing, Advisor Moves™ typically has 10+ opportunities whereby strategic partners are seeking advisors.


What Advisors are asking AdvisorMoves

No. Our compensation is contractually controlled with the new financial firm you choose. The advantage of using Advisor Moves™ is that we have decades of experience in negotiating with BD’s/Financial Institutions concerning contractual provision i.e payout packages, transition packages and growth packages.

Dependent on production and business mix typical W – 2 compensation is between 40% – 60% and 1099 is between 80% – 95%.

Yes. Many advisors looking to sell now and work for a few more years often find our strategies very helpful in achieving their goal.

 It depends on your contract. Sometime we can negotiate more upfront money than is needed to pay off my existing note. Other times there are other solutions that Advisor Moves™ are aware of that may work for your particular situation.

Typically the second site must have $500K in T-12 annual revenues plus $50MM AUM.