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Where Advisors come to take the next step in their Careers

What Advisor Moves™ Offers

Advisors and advisor groups who engage Advisor Moves™ have reached the next stage of their career. They want to grow their practice with a more efficient strategic financial partner, purchase another practice to increase revenues, or transition out of the business while leaving an intact legacy.

Frequently financial advisors move because they are unhappy with the existing level of support from their financial partner and seek a better service model as they are the “customer” of the partner. Other practices have grown past what their BD/ financial partners offer in technology, platforms, and the product selection that will help drive their growth.

Most of the Financial Advisors and advisor groups Advisor Moves™ works with are 35+ years old and have been in the industry for five or more years. Advisor Moves™ clients currently have a book of clients that they have contractual rights to move to the advisor’s new alliance.

Independent Channel and RIA Opportunities

We advise and assist independent financial advisors with selecting a new broker-dealer, RIA or hybrid including: solo advisors, 3+ advisor practices seeking substantial growth within three years, as well as professionals moving from a bank or wire-house to the independent channel.

Our key roles are facilitating your due diligence and introducing you to strategic partners who meet your specific requirements and assisting you as you transition.

Current Opportunities 1099 & W2

Ongoing, Advisor Moves™ typically has 10+ opportunities whereby strategic partners are seeking Advisors.

As an Independent Contractor, you can be self-employed, entering into a contract with a financial institution. Or, as a W-2 employee, you are hired by a financial institution under an employment agreement.

Advisor Moves™ can assist you in determining your skill set and provides coaching to assist you with propelling your career forward.

Why Advisor Moves™?

Moving firms is a lot of work and includes hundreds of partner choices.

Advisor Moves™ has an established process and can help ensure that the firm you are moving to has the people, resources, and technology to help you accomplish your long-term business goals.

Upon a signed contract with your new firm, our goal is to get your book moved in 60 days with 98% of your clients transitioning with you.

Advisor Moves™ works for you and our fees are paid by the firm you select.

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